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We are excited to share with you our expanded materials list. We are continually adding to our selections. All of these products will enhance your classroom as well as make your life easier. We try to make all of the units complete and ready to be laminated and cut. All the classroom materials are printed on cardstock. All the Controls of Error are included where needed. These materials have been developed by an experienced Montessori teacher to aid you in managing your elementary classroom. Some materials offered here will help you in placing new students who enter your classroom mid year as well as providing ongoing evaluation of any student in the classroom.
Timeline of Life
Includes 4 books and card sets for each of the eras, the Precambrian, Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras. Each book and card set includes full color artistic renditions of the scientific descriptions of the 14 periods from the eras. Each era can be studied individually or all the periods can be placed in order to show the progression of our earth. The definition cards contain much information on each period.
Beginning Spelling, levels 1-3 Origin of Words
Origin of Words activity shows the meaning of word families and where they originated from. Combining forms of prefixes and suffixes are highlighted. 36 word cards are included. Cards have control of error on the back.
Simple Machine Books
Simple Machines Books includes three books and cards. Simple Machines Book has images and information on the six simple machines. Classes of Levers Book profiles first, second and third class levers. Types of Pulley shows fixed, movable and compound pulleys.
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